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Jacquelin Konis

Hey, someone who agrees with me on how to raise creative, happy kids! One item we added to our costume box when our boys were about 8 and 9, was the family movie camera. Soon after I see one of my sons tumbling the camera over and over through bracken and blackberries as he ran along beside it. I run outside aghast, only to be told, "but Mom wait til you see the movie!" It was so amazing and led to many treasured movies that showcase my sons and their friends growing up in bear costumes, as Bigfoot, cops on Bainbridge, British detectives, weird scientists.... true treasures!


Wow - I cannot tell you how much I needed to read this tonight! After a stressful few months, I have fully realized how much less tolerance I have now for my children's creative impulses. Normally, I invite mess (well, maybe invite is too strong of a word!). At least I tolerated it and had fun, fun, fun with my kids. I've missed that so much lately and am realizing how much my lack of tolerance has actually increased the already stressful air around my home. Thank you so much for reminding me about the joy of having creativity in my children and my house! I'm printing this out tonight to post on my refrigerator as a reminder whenever I feel the desire to say 'no, it makes too much of a mess'!

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